How to improve and simplify your Legal Entity Management?

✅ Centralize all legal data and documents: general data, identification data, legal representatives, status, Kbis, mandates, delegations…

✅ Quickly generate organizational charts to model holdings or shareholdings, and to easily identify a chain of ownership

✅ Control and list all data relating to current mandates (expiry dates and status by company/person)

About this webinar

Today’s corporate lawyers are overwhelmed by the accumulation of regulatory requirements. To maintain control over the governance of the legal entities placed under their responsibility, it has become essential to modernize / digitalize the tracking of information and documents required for this activity. Choosing to equip themselves with modern, reliable and consistent solutions enables legal entity managers to bank on long-term quality. This is essential if they are to remain quick in all circumstances!

The DiliTrust Governance Suite’s Entities module brings your entity management to the next level. It allows you to get a complete view on all your entities, at a level of detail you can set. It centralizes your data, making your Entities module a single source of truth, always up-to-date, and provides tracking of all views and changes.

About the speaker

Our speaker, David Kraemer is a legaltech expert, specialized in implementing digital solutions for legal departments.

Through a live demo, David will share best practices and tips to help you simplify the management of your legal entities, improving the efficiency of day-to-day processes for your compliance and legal teams.