Navigating ESG: A Guide for the Board

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Join us for a deep dive into the world of ESG and corporate governance. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of sustainability and responsible business practices, boards are being called upon to play a leading role in driving positive change. In this webinar, we’ll explore the key principles of ESG and how they can help boards build more resilient and sustainable organizations. We’ll discuss the latest trends and best practices in ESG reporting, as well as the role of governance in driving sustainable change. Our guest speaker will provide practical insights and real-world examples of how boards can integrate ESG principles into their decision-making and build a more sustainable future for their organizations.

Watch the replay

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Ivy Lumia, CEO and Founder, Best in Governance Inc. (BIG)

Ivy Lumia is the CEO and Founder of Best in Governance Inc. (BIG), a firm that specializes in providing modern, sustainable corporate governance and ESG frameworks to transform, elevate and empower Boards of Directors and their Teams.

Kintxo Freiss is the Alliances & Legal Practice Manager in North America.