Contract Risk Management: How AI and Automation Make It Easier

✅ Reduce Risk by centralizing and standardizing clause management and flagging the most critical ones

✅ Accelerate contract reviews by letting the software warn you of the most critical deviations against your standards

✅ Secure your internal process by letting your CLM pick the right one given the key informations and risk identified

About this webinar

During this 30-minute webinar, you’ll discover practical use cases on how our AI-powered CLM can help you better manage contract risks.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective contract risk management is more critical than ever. Yet, many organizations continue to rely on manual, outdated processes that are not just time-consuming but also fraught with errors.

This webinar is there to give you a glimpse on how you can make your life easier and your contract processes better and faster.

About the speaker

Maxime Delagneau, as a Senior Business Development Executive and Team Lead, is a legal tech specialist, specialized in Contracts Management.

He will give you an extensive preview of what a dedicated solution for contract management can do to support your company in overcoming challenges related to manual processes, data security risks, and the need for greater efficiency and cost savings.