Meet DiliChat 

DiliChat is your new AI-powered chatbot assistant, integrated across all modules of the DiliTrust Governance suite. With DiliChat, you can instantly summarize, search, translate, consult, or extract insights from any document, in any language.

You are invited to an exclusive online event to discover DiliChat, on Thursday July 11th 2024 

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Discover your new ultimate chatbot

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DiliChat is truly a game-changer for document management: it saves you time by quickly retrieving specific information, reduces frustration by providing consistent and accurate results, and enhances security by keeping your confidential documents within the trusted DiliTrust environment.


Ask questions and get real-time answers about your documents directly into the DiliTrust Governance suite.


Interact with DiliChat in any language and get answers about documents in any language.


Each answer from DiliChat includes its source, so you can fully trust the information provided.

Our Chief Product Officer and Head of Machine Learning will showcase the full potential of DiliChat, with use cases, during an exclusive client-only live webinar, on Thursday, July 11th.

Webinar change Tobias Himmelreich

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The webinar is going to be held in English and will last 1 hour. We have planned two time slots, to accommodate clients all across the globe. Select the time slot that best fits your schedule in the form.

Witness firsthand DiliChat’s capabilities before its official release.

Engage directly with our experts during the live Q&A session, where you can ask questions about DiliChat and our AI technology. 

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