M & A: Dropbox or DiliTrust Data Room?

Preparing for your next merger and acquisition requires enough of your time. Find out why DiliTrust Data Room is the only secure exchange software you need.

DiliTrust Data Room can offer you more than Dropbox for Business

Pooling documents, sharing links and files, controlling access and users are the key elements of any collaborative data sharing space, true in the case of the popular platform Dropbox. However, Dropbox Business aimed at professionals, is a questionable choice for sensitive data sharing, for example, when carrying out mergers and acquisitions. Why? Because the security of your data is imperative. After all, the 68 million Dropbox users who were affected by a serious data breech in which their email addresses and passwords were leaked online in 2016, would agree.  DiliTrust offer professionals seeking security and traceability for their sensitive documents a solution for a secure document sharing space that optimises technology and usability. 

Here is why DiliTrust Data Room offers you the perfect solution for your next secure exchange.


Although document sharing is effectively the basis of all due diligence, it is strictly regulated. Dropbox offers a document sharing service that is widely used by many individuals. Its professional option, Dropbox Business contains some interesting functions such as an administration scorecard. Many due diligence managers believe that this technical framework is adequate for practical tasks like document sharing. However, this generalist tool is not very user-friendly when it comes to  large-scale operations.

By contrast, the architecture of DiliTrust’s Data Room has been entirely designed to meet the specific needs of mergers and acquisitions, capital fundraising and transfers of assets. Much more than a storage space, the tree structure of its workspace means you can rapidly access the documents you need, annotate and comment on the files, or add memos and alerts. Each user has their own account, making it easy to follow each person’s activity accurately and ensure the confidentiality of each secure exchange.


During mergers & acquisitions, for example, teams grow and the volume of documents exchanged can increase exponentially. DiliTrust Data Room caters to all these changes without compromising on data security or usability. Administrators can invite new staff to join at any time, such as during the transition to the next stage of due diligence. Responsiveness and scalability are key to the design of DiliTrust Data Room, ensuring that its functionalities cater for the different needs that may arise. To achieve this, users and administrators have access to a dedicated support team. Wherever you are in the world, DiliTrust’s  support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DiliTrust Data Room software is available on your pc online or via an application on your tablet. You do not need to install any software and it is not linked to a workstation. Your Data Room adapts to your busy life. Even when travelling, you can track your document exchanges on a smartphone or tablet, with the same degree of security.

Finally, for full control of the progress of due diligence, DiliTrust Data Room provides information on the different stakeholders’ consultation statistics. Teams and management can therefore track and monitor engagement with certain documents.

Document sharing and security 

Exchanging classified documents during high profile mergers or acquisitions, for example, carries huge risks that sensitive information may be misused. DiliTrust have created Data Room with control in mind. Access rights to documents stored on our Data Room can be managed at both folder and document level which can be configured by teams and users.

Dropbox is incorporated in the United States and so is affected directly by the Freedom Act, formerly the Patriot Act. This means that your data can be subjected to surveillance by the US government without your consent. In contrast, DiliTrust Data Room is hosted in France and is not subject to the Freedom Act. DiliTrust is also GDPR compliant. Security during your corporate secure exchanges is our number one priority. Our software features strong authentication, intrusion detection, access control and systematic, detailed monitoring of all activities.


Dropbox offers tempting packages for business users. However, are they suitable for large-scale due diligence? The subscription system bills the number of users on a monthly basis. Although the price may seem good at the onset – €15 per user per month – it quickly grows in expense as your project grows. How can you budget for an operation when you do not know the breath of development or the number of people who will be involved? Dropbox does not offer your professional needs the same flexibility as DiliTrust Data Room. DiliTrust Data Room offers a premium package for €293. This includes our fee to open and close your Data Room, remote training and allows for an unlimited number of users.

Due diligence is much more than simple document sharing. The shared workspace must also represent an ergonomic, high-quality, responsive, adaptable and fully secure work tool. Designed for M&A procedures, transfers of assets and capital fundraising, DiliTrust Data Room is much more than a simple storage space. It offers a secure, optimised framework for the secure exchange of all confidential activities.

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