Legal Entity Management Made Simple: Discover the Key Functionalities of DiliTrust 

As regulatory complexity and reputational risks continue to escalate, effectively managing the governance of equity investments becomes paramount. International entities like the ACC have released reports emphasizing the growing importance of equity investments in today’s corporate sphere. Compliance obligations across various jurisdictions, coupled with the escalating need for global transparency, underscore the criticality of accurately managing corporate information, both present and historical. Lacking the appropriate tools significantly complicates this endeavor.

In this blog, we will examine five activities that the Legal Entity Management module of the DiliTrust Governance suite enables, addressing the challenges associated with managing legal entities and holdings.

Centralized Dashboard and Personalized Information Management 

  • Dashboard Overview: The dashboard offers a consolidated view of company or individual-related data within the group, streamlining access to specific information.
  • Personalized Profiles: Users have the freedom to create and tailor personal profiles for their companies, aligning them with individual requirements. This ensures a customized approach to managing pertinent data for each user. •
  • Information Management with Personal Profiles: Company profiles aid in deadline tracking and furnish details on holdings, shareholders, and capital transactions.
  • Governance Management: For groups with multiple companies and governing bodies, the platform simplifies mandate administration. It facilitates one-click renewal, deadline monitoring, and offers automated reminder settings.
  • Historical Data Access: The platform allows users to retrieve past information, including governing body details, enabling swift access to specific dates in the past. Historical data retrieval streamlines the process, saving significant time and effort.

Streamlined Corporate Information Management

  • Managing Capital Operations: Keep track of changes in capital structure, shareholders, and holdings effortlessly for detailed oversight.
  • Organizational Chart Customization: Construct and modify corporate organizational charts with ease. Enjoy multiple customization options such as Excel compatibility, layer editing, filtering, and color-coding by country.
  • Easy Historical Data Retrieval: Access archived data, including organizational charts, with version histories. Quickly display past organizational charts, add layers, and manipulate them as needed. Simplify the otherwise time-consuming process of visualizing holding structures over time with just a click.

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Practical Management of Roles and Authorizations 

  • Delegation of Authority Management: the platform enables detailed mapping of the authorities within the organization, allowing a complete view of the necessary authorizations and signatures.
  • Customization of powers: it’s possible to customize information about each individual power, including revocations of past permissions. The display is highly customizable.
  • Data export: the authority list can be easily exported to Excel with one click, providing quick accessibility to information.
  • Reporting on powers: the platform provides access to specific reports, such as identifying people with spending authority within all group companies and exports this information with ease.
  • Data Archiving: review individual’s roles and permissions on past dates, granting access to historical information. This feature replaces what would usually require hours of data processing, providing a historical version of the list of authorities in seconds.

Security and Organization in Document Management

  • Organization by Entity: The platform facilitates document management for companies and individuals by arranging folders and subfolders for each entity.
  • Controlled Access: Easily set and manage document permissions, determining who can view, print, or download documents, with options to apply watermarks for added security.
  • Detailed Permission Settings: Ensure precise access management with granular control over who can access specific documents and their permitted actions.
  • Tailored Configuration: For instance, the corporate secretary can establish confidential folders like “Confidential Documents,” limiting access to designated users or groups, such as the legal team.
  • User and Group Administration: Manage both individual users and groups, assigning specific permissions to folders and documents to safeguard the privacy and security of corporate information.

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Reporting and Information Archives

  • Efficient Retrieval of Archived Information: The DiliTrust Governance suite simplifies accessing past data quickly and effortlessly, ensuring easy access to historical information at any time. A clock icon appears on relevant fields, indicating the availability of historical data associated with that specific field. By clicking on the icon, users can view the evolution and history of the field over time, allowing for detailed insights into changes made.
  • Report Generation: The platform enables the creation of corporate reports tailored to specific dates, showcasing both the date the report was generated and the particular date the data included in the report was accessed.

Digital management of YOUR corporate group

In summary, the significance of digital corporate group management is undeniable in today’s landscape. As elaborated upon here, we have merely scratched the surface of the potential offered by the DiliTrust Governance suite. If you are interested in directly exploring on our platform all that was mentioned above, please check out the replay of our webinar ‘Digital Legal Entity Management: why will it be indispensable in 2024?’ It’s a way for you to immediately dive into the features discussed here and fully understand the value of digital legal entity management.

Have you attended the webinar or need more details? Schedule a personalized demonstration with one of our experts! This session will enable you to explore all platform features tailored to your needs. It’s a chance for you to grasp how you can digitally manage your corporate group, optimizing your governance processes.

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