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The Unmissable White Paper: How to Ensure the Successful Digital Transition of your Legal Department

In an increasingly complex normative and legal environment, the needs and expectations of companies, and even more so of international groups, are changing. In order to manage their various subsidiaries; both locally and abroad, as well as to centralise and process their data, legal departments who wish to accelerate their performance should consider the benefits of going digital. From implementing the simplest software programs to deploying collaborative tools, these solutions can pave the way for greater efficiency but also require the implementation of new processes. DiliTrust, the leader in corporate governance solutions, has published a white paper in order to paint a clear picture of both the landscape of digital solutions and their potential management. It is a must-read clear-cut guide for all legal departments.

The Unmissable White Paper: How to Ensure the Successful Digital Transition of your Legal Department


The development or deployment of digital solutions inevitably revolutionises the methods and processes within organisations. From human resources, boards and to the finance department, all levels of the company are concerned by how these new changes which will affect how confidential company data is collected and shared. Legal departments are especially concerned about these issues. New legal tech start-ups also represent an incoming wave of change and disruption in the legal field. For example, those ‘Legal Techs’ solutions that enable legal counsels to obtain key information smoothly to optimise their performance and management every day. However, these start-ups cannot meet all the current challenges that the legal sector faces.

Today, the structures of international companies are increasingly complex. The prevalence of joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions means that today companies are operating at an increasingly difficult scale. This raises an abundance of questions; How can critical legal information be centralised, in several languages and in response to different legislations? How the work of international teams be streamlined while still allowing for the optimal sharing of resources and key information? How can legal departments enrich their output and showcase their value? Our white paper, ‘How to Ensure the Successful Digital Transition of your Legal Department’ examines these questions and carefully considers how digital technology can aid with these new workplace challenges.


Software providers are in earnest already in this game, designing programs to help the daily work of lawyers. Since the millennium and thanks to a flourishing climate for technology innovation, collaborative legal platforms that allow for the exchange of legal data have emerged. While the advantages of these models are numerous; the pooling of knowledge, the saving of time and money on research etc, these solutions cannot do everything. Enter DiliTrust Governance, a tool developed to meet the expectations and challenges faced by legal departments in international companies.

Today, the collection and centralisation of data has become the key to more efficient governance. The multiple statutes which affect subsidiaries who are subject to different legislation make tasks much more complex. DiliTrust Governance makes it possible to standardise the data from these different sources in order to make it more comprehensible and usable within the legal department. The solution also enables users to easily read and consult documents. From strategy, to legal reporting and document creation- every task becomes easier and more comprehensible at all levels of management.


One of the objectives of this white paper is to present new digital solutions and examine what exactly they can do for legal departments. We also examine the issues associated with the implementation of this software.

Today, it is clear that amidst social and economic tension, changes in the workplace can disrupt both the functioning of the department and the company. Deploying digital solutions can ultimately disrupt not just working rhythms but also the relationships between employees with the legal and other external departments. It is therefore imperative that within the sphere of a successful digital transition, change makers carefully consider the impact on its people and the organisation. It is therefore fundamental, that in order to make a successful digital transition, change makers must think about the human and organisational fallouts. Our white paper discusses the real impact of these changes and provides practical tips to enable managers to successfully implement change.

Digital solutions such as DiliTrust Governance are not an end in themselves. They are, in fact, a real response to constantly changing needs and an increasingly complex economic, social and legal landscape. What can users expect from deploying new technologies? What expectations will they meet? How and why should managers adopt digital solutions?

All the answers to these questions and much more can be found within our white paper. Download it here now.