The Contracts module of the DiliTrust Governance suite allows for the storage and organization of contracts and related documents such as amendments and appendices. Documents are gathered in one place, enabling instant access to required information.

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User-friendly interface

The DiliTrust Governance suite offers users a simple and user-friendly platform, making the adoption of the solution easy and straightforward. The suite is a ready-to-use application that combines excellent customer service with maximum convenience for management and staff. The suite’s cloud SaaS model ensures rapid deployment and mobile use.




Store, share, and consult

Your organization’s data is accessible and updated in real-time. Staff save time and improve productivity thanks to a better synergy within and between teams.

Share information, ask for opinions, follow annotations, and have relevant information at everyone’s fingertips for better-informed decision-making.



Built to the highest standards

The DiliTrust Governance suite meets the requirements of ISO 27001, the highest international standard for IT security.

Customer data is hosted in Canada and is not subject under any circumstances to the US CLOUD Act. Your organization remains in control of its data at all times.

Finally, security is enhanced by the ability to define the access rights of each document according to your organization’s confidentiality preferences and requirements.



Gain peace of mind

To guarantee the best service, a dedicated, multilingual, Customer Success team is at your organization’s disposal to provide the most appropriate solutions daily and train your staff in using the DiliTrust Governance suite.

With unlimited training, 24/7 support, and a dedicated local client success team, the DiliTrust Governance Suite is the ideal set of solutions for any organization’s legal and governance needs.

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Download the factsheet

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The DiliTrust Governance Suite: Serving your Business Needs

  • Legal


    Legal departments play an indispensable and critical role in ensuring transparency and compliance within the organization.

    These duties can include the management of subsidiaries and shareholdings, the management of delegations of authority and the organization of boards of directors. These tasks can be increasingly tedious and time-consuming, as the structure of large enterprises become more complex. It is important to have an overall view of this structure and have the capacities to carry out real-time reporting, while also improving communication between all stakeholders.

  • Internal Control

    Internal Control

    Recent financial scandals have placed the control of risks and the reliability of financial information at the heart of internal control, which now demands increased transparency to restore a climate of confidence favorable to investment.

    It is necessary to have an overview of the structure of the company in order to facilitate and optimize internal control operations and to approach as much as possible "zero risk" terrain. In the context of today's globalization, this implies being constantly informed of the activities of the holding company, but also of the subsidiaries, and of being able to follow the movements of capital and human resources in real time.


In SaaS mode, Contract Management is accessible by simple subscription.

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