Why Choose Us?

Four reasons to consider DiliTrust for your corporate governance and secure data sharing solutions

The confidence our customers have entrusted in us for more than twenty years is based on the continuous performance of our solutions. Our software through its highly functional, customisable and user friendly design aims to enhance business processes for its users. We strive to build, support and develop our relationships we have with our customers every day.

Software Expertise

As a specialist software publisher, we aim to harness the power of technology to meet your business needs and to create functional solutions that enable you to succeed.

DiliTrust is the benchmark for governance solutions. Our company has forged a unique know-how, in dealing with the complex problems of large organisations but also in understanding the needs of SMEs, to lead each company towards simple, efficient and durable solutions. The experience of our teams worldwide have been honed and strengthened through continuous contact with DiliTrust’s Directorate-General, Financial and Legal teams during systematic training and development.

DiliTrust’s expertise also lies in its ability to understand the needs of management teams while remaining attentive to the demands of each software user. The result is a highly functional,secure and scalable solution.

Solution A-Z

Our solutions include tailor made packages for your business, to equip you and your team with through training and 24/7 support.


In order for your business to quickly adapt and thrive with your new software solution, our training throughly accelerates this process. We offer our clients standard and tailored training courses to support them in the implementation of their project and new software in the form of face-to-face training or via  e-learning tutorials.

DiliTrust offers three types of core training courses for users or administrators:

  • Standard training is for all types of profiles and presents the basic functionality of the solutions.
  • The “à la carte” courses allow you to deepen the mastery of specific functionalities.
  • Specific training involves intensive training to heighten your knowledge of our solutions. They are intended for advanced users or administrators.

Support :

DiliTrust offers a complete support service  to help you on a daily basis in the use of our solutions and to allow you to benefit from all the technical and functional innovations made available as standard. Supported by experienced technicians, our supportive team answer your queries as soon as possible by telephone and email. Our support service also includes scalable maintenance wich covers providing our customers with new versions of our solutions. Once your business has adopted our solution, DiliTrust consultants can intervene if necessary, in particular for software updates or for interfaces with other tools used within the groups.

Data Security

You entrust us with your most strategic data. DiliTrust Exec is ISO 27001 certified, guaranteeing a high level of safety.

DiliTrust offers three types of core training courses for users or administrators:


With a view to continually improving data protection and ensuring greater confidentiality of information, management systems are hosted on servers that have obtained the state of the art certifications in the field of computer security. Accommodation is certified by the international standard ISO / IEC 27001: 2013. This certification ensures the implementation of an Information Security Management System to ensure data protection. The ISO 27001 standard also defines a set of control measures to ensure the relevance of the ISMS and brings to our customers a very high level of security.


Our system is certified Qualys SECURE. It is subjected to an intensive daily safety scan. It is tested to detect access to personal informations, links to dangerous sites, phishing and other online threats as potential security breaches … Qualys Secure’s daily intrusion tests certify that security of the DiliTrust Exec solution complies with all external audit recommendations for vulnerabilities of the following organizations:

  • National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC)
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • SANS / FBI Top 20 Internet Security Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability Verification Requirements of PAIC Visa and AIS, SDP MasterCard, American Express DSS
  • As well as the security standards of Discover Card DISC Discover Card’s DISC security standards


Qualys Secure also certifies compliance with the perimeter security network requirements set out in regulations such as:

  • Portability of Health Insurance & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOA)
  • US Government Information Security Reform, GISRA Act
  • As well as the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

3. Client level: 256 bits SSL encryption key

Each user is identified by a unique username and given a temporary password. All users have to change their password on first login, and the default password strength enforces a “strong” password policy.

Each and every request made to our servers is authenticated to verify the user’s identity, and whether the user has the appropriate permissions to execute the requested action. Only if these checks successfully pass, does the request get passed to the main application for execution.

All confidential data is encrypted using strong, industry standard encryption protocols.

 Budget Control

Our solutions are offered in subscription, their price being linked to the number of users.

All our applications are offered by default in SaaS. In summary:

  • No installation on your servers is necessary: no technical installation cost.
  • We host your data on our servers, with all necessary security guarantees.
  • The subscription is based on clear and measurable metrics (number of users, number of Boards and Instances, number of data rooms …). You know them and control their evolution.
  • Post-implementation training and support services are included in the subscription: there is no hidden costs