Documentation Library

The Documentation Library is a SaaS solution designed for all types of projects and users to share their confidential documents, either internally or externally, in a secure and centralized manner. With our documentation library, users can efficiently search, share, and collaborate on their documents.




A user-friendly software

The DiliTrust Governance Suite provides users with a simple and userfriendly platform which faciliates the adoption of the platform while increasing productivity within your project team. Users will benefit from a complete and ready-to-use solution that combines ease of use with exceptional customer service.

The SaaS mode of the Documentation Library allows for quick deployment and mobile use. The implementation of this solution allows you to manage a one-off project as well as to create a permanent secure document base.



Store, Share and View your Data

The data stored securely in your documentation library is accessible and updated in real time.

Users are able to work more efficiently and productively. Several tools within the platform allow users to ask and answer questions, annotate documents, share documents, set alerts on new documents to enhance team collaboration.



Benefit from the highest standards of security

The DiliTrust Governance Suite meets the security requirements of ISO 27001, the highest international standard for information security.

Security is also reinforced by the fact that administrators can set document access rights and user limitations, on a document by document basis.



Gain peace of mind

In order to guarantee you the best service possible, our Customer Success team is at your disposal to provide you with solutions on a daily basis, but also to provide comprehensive training in the use of the tool.

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Our Clients

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Un outil simple d’utilisation, facile à paramétrer, offrant une traçabilité totale des documents.


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The DiliTrust Governance Suite: Serving Your Business Needs

  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    The necessary due diligence for mergers & acquisitions operations recquires a fast and easy to use Documentation Library to allow your team to focus on the transaction. Our support service is available to help you set up your documentation library including creating your secure documentation library, inviting your team members and project administrators, configuring your user access rights and uploading your documents.

  • Property Transactions

    Property Transactions

    The Documentation Library is configured to meet any challenges that occur when organizing and exchanging real estate documents. With our solution, users can securely simplify their sensitive document management procedures in order to facilitate their distribution among various stakeholders: consulting firms, architects, local authorities, potential investors and buyers and management companies etc.

  • Pharmaceutics & Biotechnology

    Pharmaceutics & Biotechnology

    There are many reasons why companies within the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry regularly exchange sensitive documents, for example, the results of clinical tests, the progress of R&D programmes as well as sensitive scientific information. The Documentation Library structures these exchanges by supplying an enabling platform: the personalized sharing and securing of information and collaborative work by users.

  • Fund-raising


    Managing fund-raising rounds can be a source of stress when highly confidential financial information is shared by many investors. The Documentation Library offers users a simple and effective solution by enabling teams to securely share these sensitive documents.

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Documentation Library

In SaaS mode, the Documentation Library is accessible via a simple subscription.

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