Legal Entity Management

For more than 25 years, DiliTrust has been supporting the legal departments of private and public organizations of all sizes in their digitization strategies. Thanks to our secure solutions, available in SaaS mode and dedicated to legal departments, we help you maximize your performance while minimizing your operational, financial, and legal risks. We offer you a collaborative legal platform to securely manage your legal entities, enabling you to effectively monitor all legal activities and events concerning each of your subsidiaries and each of your establishments for sound legal governance. This includes Entities Management.

Why Choose The DiliTrust Governance Suite ?




As an integrated SaaS based, Cloud platform, the DiliTrust Governance Suite offers users a uniquely simple and dynamic interface, which streamlines the full adoption of the platform. Users will benefit from a complete and ready-to-use solution that combines ease of use with exceptional customer service.



Organize, Analyze, Collaborate

Data is easily accessible in real-time and updated continuously for all users according to pre-set confidentiality settings, access rights and restrictions.

For example, when an in-house counsel amends the data or information related to a company, these changes are automatically updated instantly resulting in measurable gains in productivity with full transparency.



Benefit from the highest security standards

The DiliTrust Governance Suite meets the requirements of ISO 27001, the highest international standard for IT security. The data of our European customers is exclusively hosted in Europe and is not subjected under any circumstances to the U.S. data regulations, including the CLOUD Act. You remain in control of your data at all times. Finally, security is enhanced by the ability to define their access rights of each document according to your confidentiality requirements.

24/7 support, unlimited training

24/7 support, unlimited training

A 5-star service

Our Customer Success & Support teams are available 24/7/365. Our standard SaaS service agreements include unlimited training at no additional cost.

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Download the factsheet

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The DiliTrust Governance Suite: Serving your Business Needs

  • Legal


    The legal departments play an indispensable and even crucial role in ensuring transparency and compliance of the company through the responsibilities entrusted to them.

    Among them, the management of subsidiaries and shareholdings, the management of delegations of authority, and the organization of boards of directors are increasingly tedious and time-consuming, as the structure of major groups tends to become more complex. It is necessary to have an overall view of this structure and have the capacities to carry out real-time reporting while improving the communication between the stakeholders.

  • Internal Control

    Internal Control

    The recent financial scandals have placed the control of risks and the reliability of financial information at the heart of internal control, now governed by the principle of transparency to restore a climate of confidence favorable to investment.

    It is therefore advisable to have an overview of the structure of the company in order to facilitate and optimize the internal control operations and thus to approach as much as possible "zero risks". In the context of today's globalization, this implies being constantly informed of the activities of the holding company, but also of the subsidiaries, and of being able to follow the movements of capital and human resources, all in real-time.

Legal Entity Management

In SaaS mode, DiliTrust Legal Entity Management is accessible by simple subscription.

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