Isagro Digitizes its Board of Directors with DiliTrust Exec

Milan, (Italy), Paris (France), 26th June 2020 DiliTrust, the leader of secure corporate governance solutions in Italy, is pleased to announce that Isagro has chosen the DiliTrust Exec solution for the digitization of its corporate meetings.

Isagro is one of the leading players in the agricultural products market in Italy, with innovative, low environmental impact solutions for crop protection and nutrition. The company has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2003 and was admitted to the high requirements stock segement (STAR) since 2004.

Isagro has chosen the DiliTrust Exec board portal, that allows board members and executive committees to manage their meetings digitally, with the aim of improving governance in terms of efficiency, security and sustainability.

Paperless and highly secure, DiliTrust Exec provides an innovative response to the current challenges faced by Board members. “The issue of cybersecurity is increasingly key and, as a listed company, we must meet very high standards. Thanks to the adoption of DiliTrust Exec, information flows to and from directors are now managed securely and fully traced within the platform: this means we no more exchange sensitive data via email and have clear benefits in terms of security and protection of strategic information” said Filippo de’ Donato, Board Secretary and Head of Corporate & General Affairs of the Isagro Group. “The adoption of DiliTrust Exec has also allowed us to almost completely eliminate paper from our corporate meetings, further enhancing our strategy towards sustainability“.

“Digitization represents an important opportunity for Boards and Board Members as an enabler of efficiency, safety and transparency of Governance, especially considering the recent sanitary crisis which has made remote working mandatory,” comments Fabrizio Gallotti, Country Manager at DiliTrust Italia. “Isagro is a perfect example of this approach and we are thrilled that a company based on the values of sustainability and like Isagro has chosen to implement a digital transformation strategy for their board of directors”.

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