DiliTrust Obtains the “Happy Index At Work” Label and Scores An Excellent Rating

The Happyindex®atwork index has become a benchmark in France and worldwide for measuring employee motivation at work. The study showcases the most highly rated companies globally from the perspective of its employees. Through this same vein, DiliTrust is committed to environment and the quality of life at work for all employees.The survey was sent to all employees working in France and Canada. It included 18 questions related to professional development, the work environment, motivation and management, salary and recognition, pride and enjoyment at work.

Owing to a very high participation rate and an overall score of 4.21/5, DiliTrust was awarded the Happy At Work 2019 label. The final ranking of the top-rated companies in 2019 will be announced in the newspaper Les Echos on June 20th, 2019.


In 2017, Deloitte conducted a study on the meaning of work. Finding meaning in one’s work is directly affected by daily activities (concrete tasks) but it is also correlated to strong working relationships between colleagues and with management. 87% of respondents to the Deloitte study said that they attach importance to the meaning of their work, as source of fulfilment and passion.

DiliTrust offers the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment, along with a tailor-made integration path and allows all employees the possibility to work on a diverse number of tasks. Employee empowerment and teamwork are two pillars of the company.

At DiliTrust, 81% of the employees participating in this survey say they find meaning in the they work they do and more than 86% of them feel trusted by management. From finding meaning in their work to enjoying a warm and respectful working atmosphere, these survey testimonies attest to happy employees in France and in Canada.

What do you like the MOST in your company?

“The people! Everyone is committed, works together and is respectful. Everyone wants to succeed.”

Canada – DiliTrust


We are particularly proud that 77% of participants would recommend DiliTrust to a friend!

DiliTrust is Recruiting!

With a growth of 43% in 2018, we are actively seeking new talent to strengthen our teams in R&D, Commerce, Project Management and Marketing.Since the beginning of the year, 16 employees have joined the group. DiliTrust plans to recruit about 30 more people by the end of 2019.

To learn more about our values and consult our job offers, please feel free to view our openings here via our career page.