DiliTrust Conference 2018: Canada Edition

DiliTrust will host two conferences in Toronto and Montréal in November 2018

The DiliTrust Conference is an event not-to-be missed for legal professionals, corporate secretaries and board members. Two events will be officially held in Canada in two separate cities and in two languages to cater to our clients. The event is free of charge and is dedicated to professionals only.

The event locations and dates are as follows:

The conference will centre around discussions about corporate governance and secure data sharing in the digital era. Attendees will be treated to product presentations, discussions about industry developments and client testimonies. The conference will close with a cocktail, providing guests with the opportunity to network with industry peers. Whether you are an existing client or are just simply interested in our solutions, we would be delighted to host you for either event.

To learn more about each conference event program and to register for this free event, please see our conference website conference website: