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DiliTrust at the complete service of users: how our Customer Success team supports you every day?

Being close to and at the service of our customers is a priority for DiliTrust; that’s why our Customer Success team’s sole objective is to support them in the best possible way in all phases of their digitalization.

Our customers have the opportunity to benefit from personalized and unlimited advice, training and support. Customer Success, made up of a team of experts, is at the complete service of the client; with them they can establish a direct relationship, we could say a partnership, thus having all the tools and support needed to achieve their goals in a concrete and tangible way.

We can identify 5 phases that characterize the support that Customer Success provides to the Customer.

1. Setup

It is in the setup phase that the direct relationship between the Customer and Customer Success is born. During the first meetings (defined as ‘kick-off’) our team’s objective is to understand how the Customer operates and what their specific needs are, so that already at an early stage we can return a platform that reflects their needs as closely as possible. For example, the set-up allows the configuration of customized fields, the profiling of users and security parameters, the definition of workflows and procedures…

The set-up is also a fundamental phase for discovering hitherto unexplored digitization possibilities. By getting to know the customer’s modus operandi and needs better, Customer Success, specifically the Project Manager, will be able to advise and support him in evaluating new approaches to digitizing the Legal Department.

2. Configuration

Based on the preliminary information gathered during the setup phase, the Project Manager configures the environment in accordance with the expectations and needs of the Customer. The configuration phase, in fact, consists of a series of sub-phases during which the Project Manager and the Customer work together to verify that everything is proceeding according to the needs expressed in the setup phase, making any changes along the way. The customer can give feedback and request changes on the configuration until the ideal one is found. Once the configuration is complete, they will check together that it has been done according to the customer’s requirements and needs to move on to the next phase.

3. Import

In some cases, the Customer will need to import data and documents from other platforms or tools into the Governance suite. Customer Success also supports customers in this crucial phase to enable them to continue to have this data in the Governance suite without switching from one application to another.

In the import phase, data is migrated, or entered, through various methodologies in complete security. At the end of this process, the customer will be able to start using the suite already with the existing data.

4. Training

Once the Customer’s environment has been fully configured, and the data have been uploaded to the system, the profiling and customization of the users can proceed, assigning roles and permissions. At this point, Customer Success will organize fully customized training sessions for all users in line with the user procedures defined in the previous steps.

It is possible to request multiple sessions of different content depending on the role users will have within the platform. The objective is to put everyone in a position to be able to start using the Governance suite at its best, and right away. In this way, the customer will have the opportunity to become familiar with the tool, to touch the actual ease of use, overcoming the typical ‘resistance to change’.

At the end of the “basic” training, the Customer will have a user manual that will be a useful guide in the first operations carried out independently. In any case, Customer Success will always be available to the Customer even after the ‘Go-Live’.

5. Continuous Support

Even after the Go-Live the Customer will continue to have a point of reference always at his disposal for every need: the Account Manager. Through regular meetings, the client will be able to meet with him to provide initial feedback on the use of the platform, resolve any critical issues, schedule new training sessions… or simply turn to him as a consultant dedicated to the digitization of the Legal Department.

The Account Manager will also keep the Client informed of the suite’s innovations and gather reports and suggestions. Should the Customer wish to learn more about a specific functionality or discover a new module, he will also have access to periodic training webinars organized by Customer Success every month or visible on-demand.

Finally, let’s not forget that the Customer will have the possibility to contact Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (by phone or email) in numerous languages to address any critical issues he or she may encounter while using the platform.

Legal with human intelligence

Our claim is ‘Legal with human intelligence’ precisely because we do not simply offer a platform, but we enhance it by creating a direct human relationship with our customer.

DiliTrust is “Closer to You”: we believe that human input is crucial and that is why our Customer Success service is appreciated by our clients and makes us the leading SaaS platform in the LegalTech market.