The DiliTrust Governance suite

A unified, all-in-one suite to digitalize and automate your legal and corporate governance activities. Improve productivity, collaboration and security while enabling your employees with user friendly, intuitive SATAWAD solutions (Secured, Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device).

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Who we are

As a software publisher and integrator, DiliTrust provides a full range of solutions and services dedicated to critical legal activities and corporate governance. Our aim is to support your digital transformation with the best solutions technology, processes and expertise can deliver. We serve legal departments and corporate governance teams with the DilITrust Governance suite, a unique solution ensuring high productivity, collaboration, and efficiency, while securing your risk and confidentiality with data sovereign solutions. Recognized for its experience and expertise in its field, DiliTrust is committed every day to its 2,300+ customers, in over 50 countries, with a motto we cherish: Closer to you! Our teams accompany you with local language support, unlimited training, and 24/7 worldwide availability. We enhance businesses' performance by supporting their legal and governance know-how with professional expertise, streamlined processes and the most advanced technologies available.

DiliTrust: Legal with Human Intelligence

DiliTrust’s key objective is to accelerate digital transformation of legal operations, through three key pillars: people, processes and technology! Our mission is clear:

"Make the digitalization of your company's legal activities simple and operational"

Indeed, we believe that within the legal field, the know-how and expertise of your teams, their ‘human intelligence’, is most valuable. Our solutions provide means to reveal your impact, through simple and operational processes, and cutting-edge technologies. By improving your efficiency and making a difference, you can reveal your impact!

What we do

Boost your legal impact!

Boost your legal impact!

With simple operational solutions that provide critical insights and information at the right time, in the right format, for the right need, we enable you to make a difference in your business processes.

Get ready to welcome increased simplicity, more impactful reporting, and effortless workflows, to maximize your performance while minimizing your risk.

Security is our DNA

Security is our DNA

The security of your data is critical. With DiliTrust, your data is yours alone, and remains inaccessible to us.. It is encrypted and secured by the highest international security standards. Our data hosting is sovereign, protecting you from third-party accessibility and regulations.

The DiliTrust Governance suite is ISO 27001-certified, the highest international standard for IT security. All our employees are trained to meet this standard, which extends to all aspects of our service, from customer support, to operations, to information security management.

Through software architecture, and processes with security-by-design approaches, we ensure and guarantee security and confidentiality for your most critical information.

Closer to you

Closer to you

We are proud to provide our clients with full support, from the onboarding phase, right up to long-term usage of our services. Our onboarding is available in your local language, with unlimited training, as is our 24/7 local support.

We guide and advise you through your digitalization journey, in accordance with your goals and needs! Our teams sit by your side, as we have local Customer Success teams to ensure full satisfaction from the moment you onboard, and whenever you need our help.

We guide and advise you through your digitalisation journey in accordance with your goals and needs! Our teams sit by your side as we have local Customer Success teams to ensure full satisfaction from the moment you onboard to whenever you need our help.

Fact and figures



85% of major listed companies in major markets like Europe, North America and the Middle East use DiliTrust.


Countries. We are established on a large part of the globe. DiliTrust has offices in Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Dubai, Madrid, Milan and Mexico City.


Clients. More than 120,000 users around the world! A growing number that is expected to continue to rise in the years to come!

Our Values



From the beginning, DiliTrust has chosen a development model based on a relationship of trust with our customers. This foundation allows us to continually improve our services, according to the needs expressed by the firms we work with. It’s all in the name. Trust is our foundation.

Hands on

Hands on

Thanks to the value of experience over theory, we enable you to reach your true potential, with practical, easy-to-implement solutions. This is what drives our way of doing things.



With our team spirit that also promotes diversity, social contributions, and multiculturalism, we welcome people from everywhere, ideas from every source, and we promote and celebrate diversity every day.

Extra Mile

Extra Mile

We always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners, and are rewarded with their advocacy and sponsorship!

One team

One team

Together, we value collective intelligence and shared successes, while respecting our differences and backgrounds! We are fully dedicated to providing you with the most secure, modern, and reliable services to ensure you succeed and reach your full potential.

Our story so far


Hyperlex joins DiliTrust

DiliTrust acquires the expertise and innovative artificial intelligence technology of the Hyperlex contract lifecycle management solution


Gobertia & DiliTrust: The perfect pairing

DiliTrust acquires Gobertia, becomes a global leader in Corporate Governance Solutions.


Number 1 in Italy

DiliTrust and iMeetingRoom join forces to become the number one corporate governance solutions provider in Italy.


International expansion

DiliTrust pursues international expansion with the opening of an office in Madrid (Spain).


Equity becomes DiliTrust

$8m dollars (USD) in capital funding is invested by Calcium Capital. Branches open in Dubai and Milan. The Group has over 640 customers in 43 countries.


Launch of DiliTrust Governance in Canada

The digital platform for managing legal corporate activities is launched in Canada.


Acquisition of DiliTrust and Equisign

Launch of DiliTrust Exec in France.



Capital funding is invested by Finaréa. International development continues in Italy, the Middle East and the Benelux region.


Yves Garagnon kickstarts the Equity adventure

Visual Scope, the flagship product by Equity, conquers France and Europe with its first commercial success.