WEBINAR: Diversity Around the Boardroom Table. Why and How to Achieve it

Welcome to our NEW DiliTrust Webinar Series “Let’s Talk Governance”. Join us for this educational and inspirational series as we deep dive into governance issues, solutions, and discussions.

June 16th, 12 pm est
diversity around the boardroom table. why and how to achieve it

Many studies have shown that diverse boards lead to better outcomes for all stakeholders. Moreover, diversity and inclusion within an organization has a direct impact on customers, improving its ability to better understand them and fill their needs.

And yet, a 2018 study of Fortune 500 boards found 22.5 percent of directors were women, and 4.6 percent were “minority women.” Fewer than 1 in 5 of the companies studied had a single woman of color in the boardroom. While uniting to include would unlock an unprecedented potential for business and society alike, the progress is slow and the initiatives to change this situation are scarce. What should be done to turn the tide? What are the best global practices and initiatives?

As the corporate citizen trend is rising, diversity and intersectionality should be the new normal in the board rooms to unlock unprecedented economic potential that will benefit our society as a whole.

Speaker: Caroline Codsi, IAS.A., ICD.D, President and Founder at Women in Governance

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