The DiliTrust Governance suite

A unified, all-in-one suite to digitalize and automate your legal and corporate governance activities. Improve productivity, collaboration and security while enabling your employees with user friendly, intuitive SATAWAD solutions (Secured, Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device).

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The DiliTrust Governance suite: Unlock your full potential with the all-in-one platform to streamline your legal activities

One unified suite to digitalize and automate your corporate legal activities. Securely share and collaborate from anywhere, at any time.

The All-in-One platform designed to boost your impact.

As a business software provider, DiliTrust offers a complete range of solutions and services dedicated to legal departments, c-suites, and boards. For many years, DiliTrust has been supporting legal departments, private and public organizations of all sizes and industries through their digital transformation. Thanks to our secure solutions available in SaaS mode, DiliTrust helps you boost your impact, increase your performance, streamline your legal operations while minimizing operational, financial, legal, and cybersecurity risks.

We are recognized for our know-how and expertise in the legal and corporate governance field, with in-house professionals that inspire our services and support you every day. DiliTrust works with its 2,000 customers in 50 countries, enabling teams to achieve their objectives in terms of regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, legal operations and financial communication.

The all-in-one platform designed to boost your impact

The complete solution to automate the processes of your legal department

The all-in-one platform designed to boost your impact.

Board Portal

Digital solutions for your governance bodies

Entities Management

Real-time data to manage the company’s legal operations

Contract Management

A 360° view your contract lifecycle

Litigation Management

Centralized and controlled monitoring of litigation so that no actionable items are missed

Documentation Library

Highly secure and centralized sharing of confidential documents

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Legal Department

Legal Department

Legal departments play an essential role in guaranteeing the transparency and compliance of the company through the responsibilities given to them.
These include the management of subsidiaries and holdings and the management of delegations of authority. It is necessary to have a global view of this structure and to have the capacity to report in real time while improving communication between stakeholders.

Internal control

Internal control

The rise of financial scandals has placed risk management and the reliability of financial information at the center of internal control. It is therefore important to facilitate and optimize internal control operations, and get as close as possible to ‘zero risk’. This implies being constantly informed of the activities of the holding company, but also of the subsidiaries, and being able to follow the flow of capital and human resources in real time.

Board Secretary

Board Secretary

The Board Portal module of the DiliTrust Governance suite simplifies the organization of meetings and facilitates the work of board secretaries.
With just a few clicks, you can create a meeting, send invitations and agendas, add reference documents, and directly notify board members of each update.

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Thanks to the adoption of the board portal module of the DiliTrust Governance suite, information flows to and from Board members are now managed securely and fully traced within the platform. This means no more exchange of sensitive data via email, with clear benefits in terms of security and protection of a listed group’s strategic information.

Filippo DE' DONATO - Isagro

Filippo DE' DONATO - Board Secretary & Head of Corporate & General Affairs


Preparing for mettings is much simpler and involves less work.

Sylvie Desrosiers - Prevtec Microbia Inc.

Sylvie Desrosiers - Executive Assistant

Prevtec Microbia Inc.

It enables our Board to be more strategic

Michel Fortin - Prevtec Microbia Inc.

Michel Fortin - CEO of Prevtec Microbia Inc.

Prevtec Microbia Inc.

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