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DiliTrust is an official sponsor of the Inhousecommunity Awards 2018  will be held on October 15th at Superstudio Piú, via Tortona 27 in Milan.

This year marks the fourth year of the awards. They aim to promote the excellence of Italian business and highlight the work of law firms and tax companies in particular, by recognising their achievements and those of their staff. The awards encourage and foster the excellence of these ‘in house’ teams, across the whole of Italy.

During this event, DiliTrust have proposed a new award that will honor the ‘Excellence of Italian Corporate Lawyers, CFO’s, HR personnel, Tax Directors and CEOs’ on the night. This imitative will involve each participant sharing their vision of digital board management in the future and how it will revolutionize their way of working.

More details about this event will be announced shortly.

To learn more about this event and stay up-to-date, please follow our LinkedIn page and Twitter feed, along with our events page on our website.


Superstudio Piú via Tortona,

2720144 Milan MI,