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1pm EST
10 Critical Secrets You Must Know About Board Minutes 

Join Sylvia Groves, author of AAA+ Minutes™, for a fast-paced, one-hour session that will give you more than you bargained for.

By the end of the hour you will know:

  • • 10 critical secrets about minutes that protect directors and organizations:
  • • There’s one about a slippery cliff
  • • There’s one about three bears
  • • There’s one about a knight in shining armor
  • • And, seven more secrets you must know

As a special BONUS Sylvia will share her 10 most fiercely practical tips, guaranteed to save you time and improve your minutes

  • • There’s one about proofreading
  • • There’s one about time
  • • There’s one about not understanding
  • • And, seven more practical, time saving tips

Speaker: Sylvia Groves, FCG, Acc. Dir., and President of Governance Studio


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Sylvia Groves

FCG, Acc. Dir., and President
Governance Studio


Is Your Board Efficient?

The digitalization of boards has become a top priority in 2021. From facilitating exchanges between board members to improving access to information and protecting confidential corporate data, efficiency is at the top of everyone’s mind.

Speaker: Diane Hosson, Business Coach at GEM training and Karen Gastle, Business Development Executive at DiliTrust

Karen Gastle

Business Development Executive

Diane Hosson

Business Coach
GEM Training

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Speedy tips and best practices to build better boards for directors and governance professionals.

Does your board seem to evolve without any clear direction?
Maybe your organization is doing well building its board, but you focus on continuous improvement and want to explore best practices to add value. Maybe you have mandated director appointments in crowns, limited pools of candidates in not-for-profits, or even a great skills matrix that gets cast aside for a high-profile candidate in corporations. Perhaps your director orientation doesn’t give your new board members a leg up, so it takes them more than a year to really get in the game. It’s possible you even have a director who is totally disengaged, but there is no clear path to remove him or her beyond a term limit or retirement age.

What does a better board mean for your organization?
Here’s the real bottom line – a strong, engaged board is a happy board. And, a happy board, your happy board, adds more value for your organization. As a governance professional, that means your job gets easier and maybe you even finish the day’s work on time now and then. For a director, it means the board can focus its time and effort on the most critical issues for the organization.

Speaker: Sylvia Groves, FCG, Acc. Dir., and President of Governance Studio

Sylvia Groves

FCG, Acc. Dir., and President
Governance Studio

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Digital Transformation: Why Boards will Adapt, or Die

The hype around “Digital Transformation” has been a hot topic for the last 10 years, whatever your industry. Governance is no exception, and boards, legal departments and corporate stakeholders have accelerated their path to modern governance over the last year due to the pandemic. Whether or not you clearly understand the challenges at hand, this webinar intends to provide you with an overview of key principles and levels of digital transformation, inspired from both the Top 5 consulting companies frameworks and real-life use cases.

Covering both the fundamentals of digital transformation, and concrete feedback from success stories and lessons learned the market has experienced. Starting with “why” digital transformation for your company is now a must, we will uncover the “what”, “who” and “how” that will empower your organization to deliver timely and smooth transition.

If you are wondering about your next steps, then you will find answers to your questions. This interactive webinar will be the chance to ask any questions and gather insights to refine your own company’s digital transformation strategy.

Speaker: Justin Derbyshire, Strategy & Growth Director at DiliTrust

Justin Derbyshire

Director of Strategy and Growth

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Diversity Around the Boardroom Table. Why and How to Achieve it

Many studies have shown that diverse boards lead to better outcomes for all stakeholders. Moreover, diversity and inclusion within an organization has a direct impact on customers, improving its ability to better understand them and fill their needs.

And yet, a 2018 study of Fortune 500 boards found 22.5 percent of directors were women, and 4.6 percent were “minority women.” Fewer than 1 in 5 of the companies studied had a single woman of color in the boardroom.

While uniting to include would unlock an unprecedented potential for business and society alike, the progress is slow and the initiatives to change this situation are scarce. What should be done to turn the tide? What are the best global practices and initiatives?

As the corporate citizen trend is rising, diversity and intersectionality should be the new normal in the board rooms to unlock unprecedented economic potential that will benefit our society as a whole.

Speaker: Caroline Codsi, IAS.A., ICD.D, President and Founder at Women in Governance

Caroline Codsi

IAS.A., ICD.D, President and Founder
Women in Governance

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Less Stress, More Success!

You’ve decided to implement a new software tool (CRM, DMS, SaaS, cloud, etc.) within your organization – congrats! New technology can definitely make your organization more effective and productive, but only if the people within your organization actually use it.

New business applications can be met with some reluctance. Although the tool was selected with care, employees might be put off by an unfamiliar interface, uncertainty about how the tool works, or feel they are too busy to get used to the new way of working. So how can you improve user adoption?

Join us in this webinar as we explore some of the key steps you can implement to help drive a successful technology adoption within your organization.

Speaker: Diane Hosson, Business Coach, GEM Training

Diane Hosson

Business Coach
GEM Training

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