Let’s Talk Governance: How Do You Build a Better Board?

Speedy tips and best practices to build better boards for directors and governance professionals.

April 15th, 3 pm EST

Does your board seem to evolve without any clear direction?
Maybe your organization is doing well building its board, but you focus on continuous improvement and want to explore best practices to add value. Maybe you have mandated director appointments in crowns, limited pools of candidates in not-for-profits, or even a great skills matrix that gets cast aside for a high-profile candidate in corporations. Perhaps your director orientation doesn’t give your new board members a leg up, so it takes them more than a year to really get in the game. It’s possible you even have a director who is totally disengaged, but there is no clear path to remove him or her beyond a term limit or retirement age.

What does a better board mean for your organization?
Here’s the real bottom-line – a strong, engaged board is a happy board. And, a happy board, your happy board, adds more value for your organization. As a governance professional, that means your job gets easier, and maybe you even finish the day’s work on time now and then. For a director, it means the board can focus its time and effort on the most critical issues for the organization.

Speaker: Sylvia Groves, FCG, Acc. Dir., and President of Governance Studio

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