WEBINAR: Is Your Board Efficient?

Welcome to our NEW DiliTrust Webinar Series “Let’s Talk Governance”. Join us for this educational and inspirational series as we deep dive into governance issues, solutions, and discussions.

MaRCH 12th, 1 Pm EST

The digitalization of boards has become a top priority in 2021. From facilitating exchanges between board members to improving access to information and protecting confidential corporate data, efficiency is at the top of everyone’s mind.

Speaker: Diane Hosson, Business Coach at GEM training and Karen Gastle, Business Development Executive at DiliTrust


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About DiliTrust 


As a leading Canadian SaaS solutions provider, DiliTrust offers a full range of software and services designed to improve operational processes around good Corporate Governance. 

The DiliTrust Governance Suite includes five core modules: 

  • Board Portal: Digitalization of your board of directors and committee meetings

  • Entities: Management of your legal entities, governance bodies, mandates, delegation of authorities and signatures

  • Contracts: Centralized management of your contracts and all related attachments for controlled CLM

  • Litigation: Management of all your litigation and dispute files for streamlined case management

  • Documentation library: Secure sharing and collaboration of sensitive or confidential documents

To learn more about the DiliTrust Governance Suite, schedule a meeting with one of our solution experts for a personalized discovery session.