WEBINAR: The BIGGEST Challenges in Board Recruiting and Renewal (Hint: Think Skills and Diversity) … And Tried and True SECRETS to Doing BETTER

September 13th, 2022

If you ever wished that you knew how other organizations find the right people for their Board, considering both skills and diversity…

If you are not sure if your organization really understands the skills gaps on your Board…

If you want to help your Board develop a best practices renewal program…

WATCH this special DiliTrust session today to learn the answers to all these questions!


Join Sylvia Groves, author of Board Builder Orientations Workbook, for a fast-paced, 60-minute session that will give you more than you bargained for. You will walk away knowing:

  • The BIGGEST challenges in board recruiting and the role you have in solving them:
    • There’s the one about it not mattering which road you take
    • There’s the one about building on a faulty foundation
    • And, there’s the one about addressing sensitive topics
  • Sylvia’s SECRETS to doing better, guaranteed to provide you direction and insights that will add value to every seat at your boardroom table.
    • There’s the one about painting the picture
    • There’s the one about fixing The Matrix (but not about the movie)
    • There’s the one about avoiding SDS (not the latest COVID variant, but a syndrome of concern)
    • There’s the one about keeping a good thing going
    • And, even more fiercely practical ideas

Plus an extended Q&A session where you can ask about the most fiercely practical ways to renew your organization’s Board recruitment program.

Sylvia Groves, FCG, Acc.Dir. and self-proclaimed “governance nerd” is the President of Governance Studio. She authored the Board Builder Orientations Workbook, a step by step guide to developing an effective orientation program for new directors.

Sylvia’s fiercely practical advice has helped thousands of governance professionals and directors across North America and the Caribbean.

She created Governance Studio from her years of award-winning work as Chief Governance Advisor to one of Canada’s foremost governance leaders. She helps clients apply good governance practices that add value to every seat at the boardroom table.

Sylvia is a recipient of the national Excellence in Governance Award for Distinguished Contribution from the Governance Professionals of Canada.

Visit www.GovernanceStudio.ca to learn more.

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