Treasury Department

DiliTrust eBam streamlines your treasury activities by storing and centralising key financial and management data in one secure place

The treasury department  is a vital organ in any organisation. It is a true representation of the financial health of your company. So, it requires specialist software for you to monitor, overview and delegate efficiently.

DiliTrust eBam can help your Treasury department

DiliTrust eBAM  allows treasury departments to rapidly and efficiently manage how they process large quantities of financial and management data in one or more companies via an online secure portal. Our software solution allows treasury departments of all sizes to centralise completely their internal treasury system by simplifying ardous tasks.

Organisations who use the eBam tool can use it to manage various treasury activities, including the management of multiple bank accounts while obtaining a crucial overview of which colleagues within the company can be delegated key tasks.

Our software pinpoints for users in large organisations which roles people occupy for efficient delegation of treasury tasks e.g. obtaining necessary signatures and relaying key changes in compliance standards. Users of the eBam portal can also quickly uncover if bank accounts are dormat or inactive, allowing you to control each of your companies bank accounts to remain compliant at all times and reduce your risk of fraud and financial loss.

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