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DiliTrust Letreco is a fully electronic registered mail sending service for professionals.

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DiliTrust Letreco is a fully electronic registered mail sending service for professionals.

DiliTrust Letreco was designed in partnership with OpenTrust/DocuSign, the global leader in electronic signature. They guarantee the validity of the recipient's signature, time stamp and proof. This according to the highest eIDAS standards.


DiliTrust Letreco

At a time when it is necessary to be ever more responsive while reducing costs, LETRECO brings significant benefits to companies and professionals:

  • Savings of at least 40% on their budget for recommended letters with acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Greater efficiency in the management of their contractual or legal flows thanks to the immediacy of the digital.
  • Binding evidence of mail delivery and integrity guaranteed by a trusted third party.
  • Real-time tracking of the delivery process.
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Why choose this solution?


  • Compatible and non-intrusive

    Compatible and non-intrusive

    Our online service is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. The operation of the service is carried out without any special requirements on the user station, the basic functions of the Internet browser are sufficient to access the entire application We support Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. Nor is an applet or control ActivX necessary for its use. This is a non-intrusive solution with minimal TCO for optimal efficiency.

  • Simple, fast and intuitive

    Simple, fast and intuitive

    The DiliTrust Letreco service can be used anywhere in the world through a simple web browser. A secure and user-friendly interface in web mode allows you to access all functions without prior training. To use it, simply sign a membership agreement with the DiliTrust Letreco formula of your choice and purchase a first pack of letters. Fill in the contact form and specify your request. A DiliTrust Letreco advisor will call you back immediately to finalize your registration.

  • History & Traceability of mail

    History & Traceability of mail

    The "Search" tab of the DiliTrust Letreco user interface makes it possible to retrieve the traceability information and the proofs associated with a particular shipment at any time. Your DiliTrust Letreco account keeps your mailing history complete and searches can be restricted to any timeframe of your choice. This feature ensures an efficient follow-up of your electronic RAR couriers transmitted by DiliTrust Letreco and allows an immediate access to proof in case of need (recourse, litigation, dispute etc.).

  • Receipt Notifications and Acknowledgments

    Receipt Notifications and Acknowledgments

    Important events that occur on the platform (mailing, acceptance or rejection by a recipient etc.) generate notifications that are sent by email to correspondents. These messages concern in particular the following events: sending an electronic mail, accepting or refusing a fold by a correspondent, downloading documents by a recipient and letter expiration (exceeding of the legal date of validity). It is through this notification mechanism that the recipients are notified of the availability of the letter and that the issuers are informed of their receipt.

  • Sending an electronic registered mail

    Sending an electronic registered mail

    With DiliTrust Letreco, sending a registered mail could not be simpler. The "Send" tab allows you to download the file(s) composing your registered electronic mail to the DiliTrust Letreco site and fill in the contact details of the recipient (or select it from your contact list). All you have to do is click on "Send" to immediately send your registered mail via DiliTrust Letreco to your correspondent, with all guarantees of routing and constitution of the electronic proofs that make the exclusivity of the service!

  • Evidence of legal value, accessible at all times

    Evidence of legal value, accessible at all times

    The sending/receiving cycle of a DiliTrust Letreco registered electronic mail generates 3 types of evidence in the form of PDF files: when filed by the issuer, when the receipt receives the fold and after the parts are downloaded constituting the electronic registered mail. Constituted at each step of the process, the proof files are sealed by affixing a time-stamped electronic signature whose authenticity and integrity are directly verifiable in Acrobat Reader®. Forged in compliance with the regulations by a trusted third party, this evidence is directly admissible from the legal point of view to be considered as legally valid.