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A unique solution for managing all delegations of authority and signatures in a secure way.

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Choose the DiliTrust eBAM solution

Choose the DiliTrust eBAM solution

DiliTrust eBAM allows businesses to centralise and seamlessly manage information about all levels of authorisation and associated delegations of signatures within their companies. They include: bank accounts, management autorisation in purchasing, selling, payroll and cash cycles.

The solution allows large companies to concisely overview which employee is responsible for specific tasks, which employee has authorisation to approve certain activities and to what extent, which employee is working on specific operations and the level of each operation. DiliTrust eBAM utilises and analyses the data relating to companies and corporate officers and monitors delegations of authority within entities.


A centralised management
system for more efficiency

With a high staff turnover rate, managing multiple bank accounts and associated signing permissions can become an endless job for treasury services. Dormant or inactive accounts coupled with a lack of control exposes businesses to the risk of fraud as well as locked or lost deposits and significant risk of regulatory non-compliance. With manual  management, the simplest operations can take weeks to end. In addition, compliance standards (such as Sarbanes-Oxley) and other legal requirements regularly force Treasury Departments to review their policies and procedures to ensure that adequate controls are in place, which is time consuming and tedious.

DiliTrust eBAM simplifies complex and time consuming tasks by allowing businesses to completely overview and manage the chain of employee delegation and authority. 

This solution is imperative for businesses when managing bank accounts as they must swiftly and securely take into account how authorised authority is delegated.

Choose the DiliTrust eBAM solution

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  • Treasury


    DiliTrust eBAM provides centralized management of information related to cash flow authorities and associated delegations of signatures. The solution ensures complete control of all banking relationships at a group level, and offers real-time visibility and control of all functions related to opening, closing, managing and tracking bank accounts and signatories.

  • Internal Control

    Internal Control

    With DiliTrust eBAM, the legal department and the internal control have an overview of the delegations of authority within the group: delegate, delegatee, company, perimeter, type of power, threshold, effective date and end. The control of these data facilitates the internal control procedures and prevents risks related to criminal responsibility.