DiliTrust Services

Three ways we guarantee the success of your project

Over twenty years of  experience working alongside our clients has taught us the importance of user training, the value of customer support and the benefits of providing consultant expertise for each and every client.


DiliTrust consultants advise you specifically on how to best integrate your new software solutions to drive business performance.

We provide you with experienced consultants who bring you their know-how in the data recovery operations and integration of our solutions to your information system. We work closely with your business and IT department to understand your specific needs and provide them with the answers that best suit your needs.

In order to offer our clients an expertise that is always in tune with technological innovations, business and regulatory advances, we encourage all our employees to follow training or to pursue research in various fields (corporate governance , risk management, management of organizations etc.).


We have project teams that bring together professionals who have a long experience in deploying our solutions. Our consultants apply a project management methodology based on the best practices identified through the implementations we have carried out over the past 20 years. You benefit from functional and technical experts who ensure a successful production, in line with your current and future needs, respecting your budgets and your calendars.


To ensure quick integration and successful application ownership, DiliTrust helps teams become rapidly self-sufficient when using our solutions.

That is why we offer our customers various training courses, to accompany them in the operational handling by the users. These courses take place in a e-learning or in a face-to-face format, on our premises or within your company.

They are of three types

  • “Standard courses” are designed for all types of profiles and present the basic functionalities of the solutions.
  • “A la carte courses” allow you to deepen and master the knowledge of specific functions.
  • “Specific courses” are a day of deep functional understanding. They are intended for advanced users or administrators.

Customer Support Services

DiliTrust offers a complete support service, whose mission is to support your every-day use of our solutions and to make you benefit from all the technical and functional innovations made available.


  • Support for users and/or application managers, by phone and e-mail.
  • Correction of any irregularities: we guarantee to take the time to account for and resolve incidents.
  • The availability of new versions of the software, making corrections and functional and technical evolutions.
  • One-off training for users: new staff, new functions, deployment of the offer within your group, for example.

The goal of the support is also to be proactive and to follow you in the use of our solutions to anticipate your needs, improve the experience of your users and be force of proposal on the new functionalities or regulatory evolutions. At DiliTrust, customer relations are integrated into the support function. Your experience of our services will ultimately exceed your expectations.