Internal Control

The guarantor of good governance and risk management.

Today, having a good command of internal control is paramount, as transparency requirements tend to be strengthened.

Recent financial scandals have placed the control of risks and the reliability of financial information at the heart of internal control. Now it is governed by the principle of transparency to restore a climate of confidence favorable to investment.

It is therefore advisable to have an overview of the structure of the company in order to facilitate and optimize the internal control operations and thus to approach as much as possible the “zero risk”. In the context of today’s globalization, this implies being constantly informed of the activities of the holding company, but also of the subsidiaries and of being able to follow the movements of capital and human resources; all in real time.

It is also necessary to be able to justify authorizations and mandates entrusted to employees and managers after third parties (auditors and supervisory authorities).

To meet these needs, DiliTrust offers The DiliTrust Governance Suite.