Financial department

Beyond figures...

In addition to ERP, it is necessary for the CFO to use specific applications to ensure good corporate governance.

The CFO is a partner of choice for productive collaboration because he contributes to the professional efficiency of all services, thanks to a global vision of the structure. In a post-crisis environment, the Chief Financial Officer finds himself more involved and solicited to ensure the profitability of the company, but the regulatory requirements are so complex and diverse in some large internationalized groups that it is sometimes difficult to have a clear and precise view, and thus to ensure the conformity of the company’s activity. In collaboration with the IT service department, he is also in charge of the deployment of new digital technologies and the development of operational agility, and thus constitutes a pillar in the improvement of corporate governance practices.

Lastly, he is heavily involved in M&A, making information available to prospective buyers available quickly and securely.

To meet these needs, DiliTrust offers Documentation Library.