The Digitalization of Corporate Governance Meetings in Canada

During this fraught time in the midst of the COVID-19  pandemic, now more than ever, boards, committees and other governance bodies need to meet to plan and ensure business continuity.

The Digitalization of Corporate Governance Meetings in Canada


From these unprecedented conditions, executives and directors now find themselves working remotely to fulfil their duties. The French government recently passed an act which allows for board meetings or any other meetings held for governance purposes to be held remotely. Similar measures have also been implemented in other European countries while most states in the United States have opted for virtual only and hybrid meetings for Proxy Season this year. While the Canadian government has not created specific regulations or official guidance for digital board meetings, it stands to reason that digital meetings should be secure and that directors should have the same access to information that they always have.

These gloabal measures highlight for many Canadian organizations the importance and the need for secure remote meeting software, something which the DiliTrust Exec solution can provide executives with.


It comes as no surprise that during this period, the number of users of videoconferencing platforms has grown exponentially. Organizations who wish to use these applications must do so by carefully assessing their security capabilities. DiliTrust Exec is fully functionally compatible with these types of videoconferencing platforms. The tool provides users with the ability to fully manage the processes involved when organizing, holding and tracking governance meetings while also ensuring that all confidential information is secure. This means that board and executive committee members can continue to operate as normal by working and participating in online meetings to carry out essential tasks.


While the COVID-19 pandemic unfurls, there has also been an upsurge in cyber-attacks. As a result, directors need to remain vigilant to ensure the complete security and integrity of confidential data shared during board and committee meetings. DiliTrust Exec complies with the highest international information security standards, notably with our ISO 27001 certification. Our solution has been designed specifically for the needs of governance bodies. DiliTrust Exec makes it possible to hold board, committee and other governance body meetings remotely and to access key information in complete security. It facilitates the sending out of notices of meetings; the circulation and validation of the agenda by digital voting; the drafting and approval by online voting of the minutes of meetings; access to permanent records; the board’s self-assessment; and the signing and annotation of documents online.

If you would like more information about how DiliTrust Exec can successfully allow you to digitize your board and executive committee meetings, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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