La digitalisation du conseil d’administration en toute sécurité

Avec l’omniprésence d’Internet ainsi que l’augmentation du nombre de personnes, des objets connectés et des échanges numériques au sein des organisations, les risques associés à l’informatique n’ont jamais été aussi forts.

La transformation digitale des organisations a fait apparaître de nouveaux outils et moyens de communication permettant d’améliorer l’efficacité, la performance et par ailleurs favoriser l’internationalisation.

Cependant, ce processus a rendu les organisations plus vulnérables à une fuite de données sensibles.

  • Qu’est-ce que la sécurité informatique ?

  • Quel rôle le conseil d’administration joue-t-il en matière de sécurité ?


Réponses dans ce livre blanc…


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Businesses who require the confidential and secure transfer of electronic mail with a guaranteed electronic signature of receipt can look to our eIDAS professional standard software solution.

Our Electronic Registered Mail service provides our clients with three important results

  • Proof of exchange by from the sender to the recipient.
  • Proof of consent by the recipient to receive the mail.
  • Proof of delivery to the recipient of the mail once he/she has agreed to receive it.

These types of proof are constituted and stored by a third party in an electronic way, and thus protect both parties by guaranteeing the traceability of the exchange.

Learn more about how our solution DiliTrust Letreco can help your business.

In a context of increasing complexity in the business world and a constantly changing regulatory environment, corporate lawyers see their areas of intervention and their role evolve. A good management of legal areas has become crucial.

Centralized management of legal areas

Corporate lawyers are becoming more involved in the overall development strategies of companies. They must contribute to the creation of value and play a major role in risk management and compliance, which presents new challenges in the management of legal activity.

A company lawyer must now have a tool for managing legal areas. Whether it concerns contracts, litigation, intellectual property, real estate, corporate, or lawpowers and delegations; All the areas must be able to be regulated centrally through a single web portal.

To meet these needs, DiliTrust offers its solution DiliTrust Governance.

Today, the electronic way represents the preferred communication channel of businesses. Every day millions of electronic documents are exchanged, so to the extent that the limits of traditional messaging systems are often reached.

Email and file transfer services are not designed for large transfers. They are often heavy and expensive to operate, and their guarantees are very small (close to zero) in terms of safety. Gaps in areas of confidentiality and traceability make these traditional systems no longer meet the requirements of organizations seeking safety and compliance when it comes to governance.

To anwser your needs, DiliTrust created DiliTrust MFT.

Sharing of confidential information is extremely risky via e-mail: documents “traveling” through the internet and can be intercepted, receivers keep copies and so forth. But there are ways to fight those risks…

To face these risks, the mission of DiliTrust is to provide solutions for the most efficient electronic data room under maximum security conditions. This in order to:

  • Maximize team productivity, efficiency, safety and confidentiality of information exchange.
  • Minimize the direct and indirect costs of audits, environmental impact, the risks of interception and misuse of confidential information exchanged.

The DiliTrust servers are located in Europe and are not subject to NSA surveillance under the US Patriot Act.

To meet your needs, DiliTrust offers the solution DiliTrust Data Room.

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