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One unified suite to digitalize and automate your corporate legal activities. Securely share and collaborate from anywhere, at any time.

The DiliTrust Governance Suite

Available in SaaS mode, the DiliTrust Governance Suite is the new generation of DiliTrust’s offering. It is an integrated and secure suite for automating the processes of your legal department. It offers a variety of modules.

Secure Board Portal

Reinvent your Board of Directors meetings with the Board Portal module. Collaborate seamlessly in an ultra-secure environment, whether you are working from the office, at home, or somewhere in-between. Amend and annotate documents on the go for greater productivity and faster decision-making.

Entities Management

Successfully carry out the monitoring of subsidiaries, shareholders, and capital management with this intuitive module. Save time and energy by quickly accessing all of your legal documentation in one secure platform.


Seamlessly monitor and manage the contract lifecycle with our Contracts module. Never miss an important deadline again with our time-stamped notifications and alerts on key events.

Litigation Management

Securely centralize, organize, analyze, and share your caseloads easily and efficiently in the Litigation module. Automate arduous and time-consuming tasks to improve value performance and ensure fluid case management. Clear financial data management helps reduce risks while managing litigation expenditure.

Documentation Library

Efficiently search, share, and collaborate on all your sensitive documents in the Documentation Library. Ensure the highest level of confidentiality by granting different user rights according to your administrative preferences.

DiliTrust Caters to Your Expert Needs

Whatever your field, DiliTrust offers you the tools you need, customised according to your business.

  • Legal department

    Legal department

    Legal departments play an indispensable and even crucial role in guaranteeing the transparency and compliance of the company through the responsibilities entrusted to them.

    These include the management of subsidiaries and holdings and the management of delegations of authority. They must be able to benefit from a global view of this structure and have the capacity to report in real time, while improving communication between stakeholders.

  • Internal control

    Internal control

    The expansion of financial scandals has placed risk management and the reliability of financial information at the heart of internal control. It is therefore important to facilitate and optimize internal control operations, and thus get as close as possible to "zero risk". This implies being constantly informed of the activities of the holding company, but also of the subsidiaries, and being able to follow the movements of capital and human resources, all in real time.

  • Corporate secretary

    Corporate secretary

    The Board Portal module of the DiliTrust Governance Suite simplifies the organization of meetings and facilitates the work of board secretaries.
    With just a few clicks, you can create a meeting, send invitations and agendas, add reference documents and directly notify board members of each update.

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